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Start a Niche Staffing Agency Business

Hire a coach to learn how to start your very own staffing or recruiting agency business. Starting and owning a staffing and recruiting agency is truly a unique investment in your career and yourself. By fulfilling the personnel needs of other companies, both large scale enterprises and local small businesses, you will act as problem-solvers and deliver a key service…EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE.

Now, the recruiting and staffing services that you’ll provide will yield more than attractive revenues (yes, it’s very true, you can make anywhere from $250,000 – $2,000,000 in your first year). It will also offer the reward of entrepreneurial success and meaningful work. 


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Dissatisfaction in The Workplace Creates New Opportunities

The holidays are here and the New Year is coming up quickly and I’m sure like everyone else you are starting to think about what the New Year will bring in for you. Well, let me ask this question, what are you going to do today, to ensure 2014 yields better results than 2013? What kind of results you may ask? Well, a better job, a new career, a new home, a new car, a husband, a wife, more money, or maybe you simply just want to be valued.

Naturally… I have a few suggestions (hee-hee) :-).

While I cannot do much about the new husband or new wife (lol), I can make a few suggestions about the better job, career, more money, and being valued.

It can all begin with a shift in your career:

Quick story: One of my clients owns a recruiting and staffing business. She started her business 30 years ago because when she herself was looking for a job, someone told her she was unemployable. They told her that she was not good enough, she was a woman, she was too fat and that she had no degree. They made her so mad that she went home and asked her husband to give her the funds to start her own staffing business and that’s where it all began. Dissatisfaction. Underemployed, unemployable, baby boomers facing age discrimination, or just ready for change are all reasons to look at a shift in your career.

Let me go in another direction for a minute… How many people have you referred for a job this year? How about over the last five years? Did it make you feel good when they got the job? Now, how much was your referral fee? I challenge you to take a moment to conduct some research on this topic, because there is plenty of opportunity for you to boost your career, manage your schedule differently, increase your income and still gained the same gratification you did when you made those referrals. How? Starting your own recruiting business (part time or full time). Yes, we are talking about positive changes for the New Year.

Visit:, scroll down the page a bit, and there you will see the Infamous Calculator. Start with the 2nd one and input the potential salary of the person that you referred. Then, in the bottom white box, type in the number of people that you referred. The yellow number below will give you a good estimate of how much your referrals are worth. Now, scroll up the page, and review the video.

Honestly, if you’re making referrals, you have a desire to put people to work, or you love the industry you’re in and would love to make a positive impact this could be a great opportunity for you.

It can all begin with a new resume:

Listen, if your resume and LinkedIn profile do not tell an accurate story of who you are and what you bring to the table it may be time for an update. I mean, let’s face it… A new job is like a major purchase – and accepting a new job has been rated more important than moving, school or buying a car. And let’s be serious here for a moment, 93% of all recruiters use LinkedIn to fill their positions whether you are looking for a job or not. They are looking for and at you. If your profile is not right and your resume is not ready when a recruiter calls you and presents to you the dream job that you’ve always wanted, will you be ready? It’s always better to be prepared and today we’re talking about preparing for good things to come. We write resumes that catch the attention of the ATS (so that you can be found), the Recruiter (who screens your resume first), and the hiring manager (makes the final hiring decisions).

Watch the video, schedule an appointment, make an investment in yourself:

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